Saturday, 24 September 2016

Dear Feig, Love Hen

Oh I'm so sorry we never sent in a memory! To be honest nothing came to mind at the time(s!) you asked, but, yesterday it did as I sat in my armchair here. I had seen various online conversations...between you and Claire about your rabbit, between Andrew and Louise about Dan's job....all connecting but also helping each other in testing times....and I just thought what a lovely bunch we were and are. For some odd things that I felt we lacked at times, we gained in huge amount through personal and group friendships....real ones that continue to this day (as illustrated above). Likewise our faith has been proved real through extreme horrible times, such as your cancer treatment, or Tanya and John in very testing Bangladesh. I am thinking of using a poem that you once shared and I think you wrote in a sermon soon actually (my first one in a long long while, and one of the few of my life!)... Your poem you wrote during a retreat I think, about where was god, when he was silent. Also your experiences as a missionary kid (though generally wonderful, I'm thinking of the negative impact ones like going to programs etc) have made me think through and be very cautious about our own approach.

So despite being late to respond, those are my reflections on the good feig did for me and continues to do for me. Thank you for hosting the feast, praying in and welcoming our new baby Caitlin at the time (!), and being 'in touch'. Love Hen xxx

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